Leon Edwards coach reveals how Edwards felt after Covington involved his dad

Dave Lovell explains how Leon Edwards felt after Colby Covington made unnecessary comments about Edwards father.

by Aryan Lakhani
 Leon Edwards coach reveals how Edwards felt after Covington involved his dad
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Leon Edwards went through a phase of extreme roughness before stepping into the cage against Colby Covington as Covington decided to cross limits and make irrelevant comments about Leon Edwards’ father. Emotionally, it had a negative impact on Leon Edwards’; his coach, Dave Lovell, confirmed it and also mentioned how he spoke to Dana White about it.

Dave Lovell on Leon Edwards emotions

Recently on The MMA Hour, Dave Lovell shared his thoughts on how Leon Edwards felt when Colby Covington ruthlessly involved his father. “He was well hurt by it,” Lovell said, as quoted by mmafighting.com.

“It took him back. He didn’t expect that, as you can see by his reaction on stage. And yeah, it was a dirty, cheap — well, I can’t even call it a trick. To me, it’s going below the belt. I’m not against a man selling a fight, it is what it is, and if he keeps it in that perspective, all good.

But when you start attacking family, now you’ve changed the rules, haven’t you? I thought [Covington] would’ve learned his lesson from when [Jorge] Masvidal sought him out outside the gaffe. I’m a father and I’ve got children, and God forbid, if anything was to happen to me, I know how my boys would feel — and if somebody was to rub that into their face or say that, I know the reaction that would happen, I’m feeling it for Leon because he’s grown up basically fatherless, and for somebody to chuck that at him, it’s gut-wrenching.

Dave Lovell on speaking to Dana White

“And I even said to Dana [White] after when he came over, I said, ‘Dana, where do you draw the line?’ Dana turned around and says, ‘Well listen, you know what kind of scum you’re dealing with.’ But I said, ‘Yes Dana, but you’ve got to draw a line [at] somewhere wrong.’

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