Leon Edwards’ coach wants him to fight Gilbert Burns next

Dave Lovell explains why he thinks Belal Muhammad shouldn't be next.

by Aryan Lakhani
Leon Edwards’ coach wants him to fight Gilbert Burns next
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Leon Edwards and his team don’t seem to be strongly interested in entertaining a match with Belal Muhammed next. Edwards’ head coach, Dave Lovell, believes that Belal Muhammad hasn’t earned his opportunity and would like to see Leon Edwards fighting Gilbert Burns instead.

Many fans and MMA experts have said that Belal Muhammad is not a very intimidating opponent; however, Dana White has promised him a title shot, and he will most probably face Leon Edwards next.

Dave Lovell on Belal Muhammad

Recently, on The MMA Hour, Dave Lovell explained why Belal Muhammad does not deserve the title shot next. “Well, let’s put it real — Belal’s earned his place, hasn’t he?” Lovell said, as quoted by mmafighting.com.

“Even though he still hasn’t done what Leon did. He didn’t go through the tribulations Leon did. But you know what? He’s earned himself his contendership. To be honest, if I really had a choice, but I don’t think it will happen, I would like Leon to fight [Gilbert] Burns.

But Burns had two bites at the cherry. I think maybe they’d want Burns maybe to have a couple more [wins] before [a title shot] if he was going to be a contender.

Dave Lovell on why he prefers Gilbert Burns over Belal Muhammad

“But if I had a choice who would be next, I would prefer Burns over Belal, because I think Burns brings more to the table than Belal.

Because Leon’s beaten [Muhammad] — well, I shouldn’t say that, he had the no-contest against Belal. It looked like, you can’t judge it by the first round totally, but it looked like Leon obviously had the first round locked down with Belal and he was going in for the kill the second until the eye poke occurred. But yeah, if I had I choice, overall, I would like Burns, but we’ll take whoever they throw at us”.

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