Bo Nickal excited to fight at UFC 300

Bo Nickal shares his thoughts on getting an opportunity to fight at UFC 300.

by Aryan Lakhani
Bo Nickal excited to fight at UFC 300
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The rising middleweight contender Bo Nickal has grabbed the opportunity to fight at the iconic UFC 300 event. He will be facing Cody Brundage; this event is scheduled to take place on 13th April. Nickal's top goal for now is to place himself in the top 15 middleweight rankings – he is a few significant wins away from achieving this feat.

Bo Nickal looks forward to being active in 2024 and aims to fight a ranked opponent by the end of next year.

Bo Nickal on fighting at UFC 300

Recently on Joe Rogan's Podcast, Bo Nickal shared his thoughts on fighting at the UFC 300 event and spoke about his goals for 2024. "I'm going to fight at UFC 300," Nickal said, as quoted by

"I'm fired up. That's going to be fun. My goal for this next fight is whoever they give me. I'm still on my first contract, so I kind of want to fight this out and then see as it goes. I have two left, so it was four. I would like to fight this fight, then my next fight, I would like to get somebody right outside the rankings, right there in the mix.

Ideally that would be like July and then – I'll at least get one more (after that) next year. Maybe two. Then after that I would like to fight to obviously fight a ranked guy. So hopefully a ranked guy in my third fight of next year.

Bo Nickal on other contenders

"There's a lot of good guys, but I like where I'm at, I feel like I'm a tough matchup for any of these guys, and they all want to fight me now, because I'm the worst that I'll be. You'll hear some of these guys talk about me and they want to fight me now and I'm like, 'That's smart, because where I'm at right now is not where I'm going to be where I'm at in six months, where I'm going to be at in a year'".