Joe Rogan: Bellator and PFL Wasting Elite Fighters' Time, No one is watching that

The UFC's most popular commentator believes the UFC is a cut above the rest

by Sededin Dedovic
Joe Rogan: Bellator and PFL Wasting Elite Fighters' Time, No one is watching that
© Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

In the dynamic realm of mixed martial arts (MMA), the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has long reigned supreme. However, recent developments point to a potential shift in the sport's power dynamics, with a merger between the Professional Fighters League (PFL) and Bellator emerging as noteworthy.

Over the past few years, the competitors in the MMA landscape have undoubtedly gotten stronger. The combined efforts of the PFL and Bellator have resulted in an attention-grabbing joint roster, with the ability to trade fighters between the two organizations.

Notably, the PFL boasts an impressive lineup that includes Francis Ngannou and pay-per-view sensation Jake Paul, showing a strategic move to strengthen their position in the MMA community. Influential figures like Joe Rogan argue that fighters outside of the UFC may be investing their time in less lucrative pursuits.

In a recent appearance on Bo Nickal's podcast, Rogan discussed the UFC's unique appeal, highlighting its status as the only organization where fighters can truly create legacies. Nickal, a former elite American wrestler turned MMA standout, echoed Rogan's sentiments, highlighting his own aspirations to build a lasting legacy within the UFC.

"No disrespect to other organizations, there are really good fighters out there, but I think they're wasting their careers." I see some elite fighters in Bellator and the PFL, and at the same time I think to myself: 'Hey guys, nobody's watching your matches'

Of course, there is a certain audience that follows them, but they only get a small part of the fan base. I don't want to sound disrespectful, but that's the reality. There is also the XFL, the CFL, and then the NFL. If you're not in that NFL, do you even play American football? When you're the UFC champion, you're the main face, but Bellator's champions aren't.

Of course, I also have great respect for their champions. I love guys like Johnny Eblen and I really wish that guy would come to the UFC. Everyone dreams of that feeling of being part of the UFC. You want Bruce Buffer in front of you shouting 'It's time!

('It's time!'), is Rogan's conclusion on that topic. The UFC is currently the elite organization and the pinnacle of this sport. Other organizations may be approaching that level, but they still have a lot of work ahead of them. Maybe Rogan is biased because he is part of the UFC, but that's the reality.