Covington shocks again: Just like Adolf Hitler, Edwards' father was a horrible person

The welterweight feels no remorse for the ugly words he directed at the UFC welterweight champion

by Sededin Dedovic
Covington shocks again: Just like Adolf Hitler, Edwards' father was a horrible person
© Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images

In a shocking turn of events during a UFC press conference, Colby Covington controversially hit out at Leon Edwards by invoking Dante Alighieri's depiction of Hell, claiming that Edwards' late father was in the seventh circle of Hell - a place reserved for the souls of violent individuals.

This deeply personal attack stems from Edwards' father's criminal history, and Covington, known for his provocative promotional style, didn't hold back. The fallout from Covington's comments was intense, with many expressing their disapproval of such a personal attack.

Surprisingly, some have defended Covington, arguing that his promotional tactics add to the sport's popularity. Even UFC president Dana White noted the 25 percent increase in pay-per-views during a contentious press conference.

Colby went one step further and stunned everyone

After a heated confrontation, Covington could be expected to put the matter behind him. However, during a guest appearance on the PBD podcast, he again addressed the controversial topic and refused to retract his statements.

"Honesty is everything to me. The truth always bothers those fighters the most. I'm not saying that guy (Edwards' father) is on the same level as Hitler, but how can we celebrate someone who had such a history. The guy was literally a human trafficker, caught in the company of drug lords.

He had a criminal history and there are facts about it. I will not hide the truth and feel sorry for someone who has caused so much pain in other people's lives. There are many victims left because of the actions of Edwards' father.

There are women who were victims of his human trafficking, as well as those to whom he sold drugs. I won't feel bad talking bad about such a person, that's how it is, I'm just being honest. He's not a good person.' ', Colby began, to which the host pointed out that Colby is not retracting his words, but even adding to them.

"Yes, I double down on everything I said. Why should I feel bad for talking that way about someone who was such a criminal and caused so much pain to other people? I won't feel bad. Just like Hitler, Edwards' father was a horrible person.'

', were the words uttered by Colby and are likely to draw further ire from the MMA public. The host then asked Colby, "Are you comparing Leon's father to Hitler?", to which Colby further clarified. "I'm not comparing them, but I'm saying it's an equal level of villains. The guy sold drugs and trafficked women,'' Covington added.