Tyron Woodley wants a rematch with Jake Paul in MMA

Tyron Woodley explains why he feels disrespected.

by Aryan Lakhani
Tyron Woodley wants a rematch with Jake Paul in MMA
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Tyron Woodley is a little offended for not being considered to fight Jake Paul in his MMA debut. Both Tyron and Jake are linked with the PFL. 2024 will most likely be the year when Jake Paul will make his professional debut in the PFL.

Jake Paul has only called out Nate Diaz for an MMA rematch; in response, Nate Diaz declined the offer. Tyron Woodley finds it disrespectful that Jake Paul's team didn't care to offer him a fight in MMA, especially with all the history they have.

Tyron Woodley on Jake Paul rematch in MMA

In a recent interview with TMZ, Tyron Woodley shared his thoughts on fighting Jake Paul in the PFL. “I think if you’re going to fight anybody in MMA, you fight me in MMA,” Woodley said as quoted by mmafighting.com.

“I’m the one that did the numbers with you. I’m the one that had the crazy millions and millions of views in the press conference. I’m the one that was a five-time champion. I’m the one that took the fight on two weeks’ notice.

Tyron Woodley on saving Jake Paul’s event

I was [filming] Cobra Kai for 14 hours straight. I trained at 3 a.m. and I saved that card. That card was not going to happen. People would not have been buying Christmas gifts had I not stepped up to the plate.

So to talk about fighting anybody in MMA outside of me is disrespect. MMA wise, the fact that we’re not even speaking about me fighting him, especially with my affiliation with the PFL, it’s kind of disrespectful.

I thought he did a great job, I literally said, ‘Hey man, Andre better watch ducking his head because he’s going to get hit with an up, I couldn’t even say uppercut. I just got the U-P off and then he was sending him to the moon”.

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