Tom Aspinall can’t tolerate having two champions in the same division

Tom Aspinall shares his thoughts on having double champion in one division.

by Aryan Lakhani
Tom Aspinall can’t tolerate having two champions in the same division
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Tom Aspinall is making a lot of noise inside and outside the cage; Aspinall is eagerly waiting to face Jon Jones and is totally against the boxing model where one division can have multiple champions. Aspinall wants the UFC to match him up with Jon Jones next and remove Stipe Miocic out of the equation.

Aspinall wants to settle the confusion and ensure that there is only one heavyweight champion in the division; he may have to wait for quite some time as Stipe Miocic vs Jon Jones was never cancelled; it is deferred to a later date.

Tom Aspinall on being a heavyweight champion

Recently on True Geordie’s Podcast, Aspinall shared his thoughts on fighting Jon Jones and compared MMA to boxing. “I absolutely love the sport of MMA, UFC in particular,” Aspinall said, as quoted by

I’m so proud to be fighting for the best MMA organization in the world. What that represents for me is the best fighting the best. And I’m a massive boxing fan, I absolutely love the sport of boxing, (but) I can’t stand the boxing model.

There should not be five, six different world champions at one weight. … Let’s find out who the guy is. That’s what I want to find out. There’s two champions right now in the UFC heavyweight division. That’s not right.

You can sugarcoat it all you want, these legacy fights and whatever. My next fight has to be for the undisputed title. Why would they do otherwise. There’s no person walking this earth who is a bigger Jon Jones fan than me, but this isn’t boxing.

This isn’t guys avoiding each other. This isn’t the No. 1 guy fighting the No. 10 guy. It’s very odd, and obviously I don’t want to sit here slagging off my bosses, but it’s not right,They can’t be two heavyweight champions.

It can’t be. This isn’t boxing. There’s one guy, one face, one name, and let’s find out who that is”.