Broken Bonds: Artem Lobov's Legal Battle Over Proper 12 Whiskey Profits

Artem Lobov was once a friend of Conor McGregor, he is now seeking justice in court claiming that he is behind the idea of producing whiskey Proper 12 that brought McGregor hundreds of millions of dollars

by Sededin Dedovic
Broken Bonds: Artem Lobov's Legal Battle Over Proper 12 Whiskey Profits
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Artem Lobov, once a close friend of Conor McGregor, has now found himself embroiled in a legal dispute with the Irish MMA star. Lobov states that he played a key role in the creation of Proper 12 whiskey, a venture that took McGregor to the realm of multi-million dollar success.

Seeking justice, Lobov submitted as evidence messages indicating McGregor's promise to include him in the whiskey business. Lobov claims that he gave the idea for whiskey production, envisioning a billion-dollar business. Although initially met with skepticism, Proper 12 soared to a sales figure of $180 million.

Now Lobov asserts his right to the promised 5 percent share in the brand's success. "It was my idea. I'm the one who proposed the idea of whiskey production to him. I came up with the idea, I thought the business would be worth about a billion dollars.

Nobody took me seriously, but you see how far it has come," he said. last year Artem Lobov.

Conor offered a million dollars

In response to McGregor's betrayal, Lobov rejected the $1 million offer the Irishman allegedly offered him, adamant that the original agreement entitles him to an agreed percentage.

As the legal battle unfolds in an Irish court, Lobov waits for a resolution to a friendship turned sour by big money and broken promises. He spoke again. He has attached evidence of his conversation with Conor and is awaiting justice in an Irish court.

"I believe in the Irish judiciary and look forward to clearing my name. I was a loyal friend to Conor, never charged him for camps as we helped each other achieve their dreams. It was an honor to help him build his business empire," he wrote.

Lobov. Artem Lobov is the reason why the great feud between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov started. Lobov was slapped by Khabib when he was part of Team McGregor. The 'Russian Hammer' has had 30 fights in his professional career and has a negative impact. He won 13 times, suffered 15 defeats, and has one draw and one no contest match.

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