Bryce Mitchell breaks silence on the horrific knockout loss

Bryce Mitchell gives a health update after bearing a horrific knockout loss.

by Aryan Lakhani
Bryce Mitchell breaks silence on the horrific knockout loss
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The featherweight clash between Bryce Mitchell and Josh Emmett was absolutely brutal, as Emmett secured one of the scariest knockouts in the history of the sport. Bryce Mitchell was knocked out in the very first round; his unresponsiveness made this a horrific knockout – Bryce Mitchell was shaking for more than 20 seconds in a state of unconsciousness.

Fast-forward to the present moment, he is much better now and wants the entire world to know that he is healthy!

It takes a different level of perspective to point out the positives in such testing times; Bryce Mitchell said, “it could have been worse”, and is just grateful that he is now safe and secure.

Bryce Mitchell on the knockout loss

In a recent Instagram video, Bryce Mitchell addressed the following: “I want to let everybody know that I’m OK,” Mitchell said, as quoted by

“I want to thank you all so much for watching and I’ve just been so blessed this weekend. I cannot complain about anything and really where I messed up is a poor strategy. So my strategy was stick to the jab, make my reads, work my feet, kind of sit on the outside, but that put me to where I’m not putting that forward pressure that I really like to put and it also made me look timid.

That’s not how I fight. I fight very aggressive and so I encourage anybody who’s got a fight in their life—not just a fistfight, I’m talking about any type of fight, be aggressive and attack it. Because at least if you go down and you lose that battle, you’re going to know you fought and you went head on towards it.

So just a bad strategy by me tonight. It could have been a lot worse, When I was in that hospital, I was getting rolled by people with no legs, no arms, faces all messed up, face turned sideways like the dude got in a car wreck, so I cannot complain about anything. I’m so happy to be here and I’m healthy and I love you all and I thank you”.

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