Paddy Pimblett finds it crazy how people are urging Tony Ferguson to retire


Paddy Pimblett finds it crazy how people are urging Tony Ferguson to retire
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Paddy Pimblett had a strong showing against Tony Ferguson, securing a unanimous decision win at UFC 296. While many think this loss might signal the end of Ferguson's career, Pimblett suggests Ferguson shouldn't let outside opinions dictate his choices. He encourages Ferguson to trust his judgment and heart if he believes he still has more to offer on the big stage.

“It’s mad the way people are telling him to retire. It’s the person’s decision who’s fighting of when they want to retire. No one will ever tell me when to retire. It’s my decision."- Pimblett said, as quoted by!

Pimblett believes that if the UFC offered Ferguson a fight with someone lower ranked within the division, there is no doubt that Ferguson would win. However, time will best tell what the plans of the UFC leaders are for this great fighter.

“If Tony wants to keep getting in there and fighting, he can. I think if you put him in there against someone lower in the division, like a Mark O. Madsen or Drakkar Klose or someone like that, he beats them.”

Tony Ferguson's decline

Once a top lightweight, Ferguson has faced a decline, which might be expected at 39 years old. He's nearing the end of his career, but his passion for the UFC continues to motivate him.

“He survived. He’s one of the toughest men out there, and hat’s off to him. He’s an absolute legend. As I said before, no one should tell that man to retire. He can retire on his own back when he wants to.”

Tony Ferguson has not won since 2019. Many wonder what is the main reason for his decline. While on the one hand, many believe that aging is the main reason, others believe that after reaching the top, Ferguson lost the motivation to return to where he belongs. Regardless, it's great to see Ferguson still fighting on the big stage.

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