Belal Muhammad Speaks Out: Is UFC Overlooking a Worthy Contender?"

The UFC has a few more legitimate challengers in the welterweight division, one of them certainly being Belal Muhammad, a fighter on a nine-fight winning streak.

by Sededin Dedovic
Belal Muhammad Speaks Out: Is UFC Overlooking a Worthy Contender?"
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Did Colby Covington really deserve a shot at the title? This debate has reverberated in recent months, with the prevailing feeling that Colby's chance may not be justified. Despite reservations, Dana White's insistence led to the Covington vs.

Edwards match. The match definitely did not deliver what was expected of him. However, the outcome suggests that Covington may no longer be a long-term contender and this is likely his last shot at the belt. Even Dana White, speaking at the post-UFC 296 press conference, admitted that Covington appears to be showing signs of aging and slowing down.

Meanwhile, the welterweight division has several other worthy challengers, with Belal Muhammad standing out among them. With an impressive record of nine straight wins, Muhammad currently holds the third spot on the list of contenders.

UFC management believes that Muhammad is not an "attractive" fighter

Still, Muhammad faces a significant hurdle — the UFC doesn't see him as a marketable character, leading to apparent neglect in the promotional spotlight.

However, in a surprising twist after UFC 296, Muhammad showed off his verbal prowess and delivered some scathing criticism of Colby Covington, he also had some scathing criticism of the reigning champion. "Honestly, this was a joke for the welterweight division.

That's what happens when you have a couch potato. He didn't fight for two years and didn't deserve this opportunity. He didn't live up to his words, and neither did Leon Edwards. Colby deserved a broken jaw for everything he said.

Leon should have embarrassed him.' ', Muhammad began, before answering a question about the next challenger. "The UFC knows who's next and I'm the one who's going to make the welterweight division great again." I always come to fight, I am constantly in front of my opponents and I constantly apply pressure.

There will be no breathing space.' ', Muhammad announced.

Muhammad prepared a plan to take the belt

Edwards and Belal are two of the best welterweights in the world. It looks like it's time for the UFC matchmakers to match them up again, and Muhammad believes he has a way to win the belt and defeat the champion.

"I'm going to get in his face, I'm going to make him bleed, he's going to have a hard time breathing." His corner will tell him: 'Don't let him abuse you!' He will tell him that after every round, and after the match he will tell him: 'You let him abuse you, son' I will do that to him, I will abuse him.' ' Belal pointed out