Leon Edwards: I cried after that press conference, Colby is a dirty human being

On Thursday night, the UFC held a press conference ahead of the UFC 296 event, and Colby Covington shocked the MMA world with a statement

by Sededin Dedovic
Leon Edwards: I cried after that press conference, Colby is a dirty human being
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The main event of UFC 296 was more than just a fight for the welterweight division after Colby had some really ugly and unsportsmanlike words directed at the champion. Leon Edwards, the reigning champion, stepped into the Octagon carrying the weight of a personal vendetta.

His opponent, Colby Covington, had stoked the fire in the days leading up to it with remarks about Edwards' late father, a tragedy that left a lasting scar on the champion's soul. The animosity was palpable in the pre-fight press conference.

When Covington made his inflammatory statement, he struck a nerve far deeper than any physical blow. Edwards, understandably stricken, turned his anger into a laser focus, vowing to silence Covington in the only way that mattered - inside the cage.

Dominant victory of the champion

Edwards dominated the fight with impeccable technique and unwavering determination. Every controlled takedown, every precise strike, was a quiet rebuttal to Covington's cruelty. As the final bell echoed through the arena, it signaled more than victory; and that is the mental satisfaction of Edwards.

In the post-fight interview, Edwards' emotions were raw and unfiltered: "This match was very emotional for me. This guy (Colby) used my father's murder as entertainment and it took me a long time to calm down and stay focused.

I cried angrily after the press conference. You can't make fun of my father's death, and he did it. To this day, my heart is broken because of my father's murder, and he (Colby) said my father should burn in hell," Leon said in an interview with Joe Rogan, and then confirmed that he was sorry because failed to finish Colby.

"It's my fault one hundred percent. I had the feeling that I was a much better fighter and that I was much more technically sound. But he is also a good fighter, he did two good matches against Kamaru Usman. He is an excellent fighter, but a dirty human being.'

', added ``Rocky'' This fight has gone beyond the sphere of sports. Edwards emerged not only as a champion, but as a man who refused to let hatred define him. The positive character in this whole story came out victorious in the end and many people are glad for that.

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