Brandon Rovyal chose getting revenge over the UFC flyweight belt

Brandon Rovyal is more interested in getting revenge than the UFC flyweight belt.

by Aryan Lakhani
Brandon Rovyal chose getting revenge over the UFC flyweight belt
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Brandon Rovyal recently spoke about fighting for the title and made an unusual comment; Rovyal said that he is more interested in avenging his bitter loss than he is in obtaining the prestigious UFC flyweight belt - which is a dream for many contenders.

In their first match, Alexandre Pantoja secured a 2nd round submission win, and in less than a few hours, we will find out how different the outcome turns out to be in the rematch.

Brandon Rovyal on fighting for the belt

Recently on The MMA Hour, Brandon Rovyal shared his thoughts on the rematch against Alexandre Pantoja.

“It’s super surreal,” Royval said as quoted by “And it’s like, I don’t ever really even believe I’m gonna fight half the time until I’m looking at my opponent.

That being said, like in this situation, fighting for the ball just doesn’t even seem like it’s a thing really. Honestly, I’m getting ready to fight Alexandre Pantoja. I don’t know, man, it’s cool.

Like sometimes I like when I listen to your show, I hear all these people and they’re like, ‘Oh I was gonna, I knew I was gonna be champ!’. I’m like, I was happy to be here, bro! [Laughs] I’m just happy to be here half the time.

So it’s like, fighting Alexandre Pantoja, to me it’s an opportunity to get revenge. That’s my main goal, and * the belt, to a degree. But at the same time, it’s just hard for me to accept any of that stuff too, you know? So it’s been a wild journey.

Rovyal further said: I’m just so happy that I get a chance to just show my life’s work finally and fight for that belt. Patience, man, I feel like you gotta enjoy the journey. You gotta enjoy the journey of like fighting. I was so desperate to get out of the cage when I was younger and not even younger, two years ago.