Paddy Pimblett supports UFC fighter pay: "you get paid what you're worth"

Paddy Pimblett has nothing against UFC's fighter pay.

by Aryan Lakhani
Paddy Pimblett supports UFC fighter pay: "you get paid what you're worth"
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The UFC has been given a bad impression when it comes to fighters' pay; many fighters raised their voice for not getting paid fairly, and a lot of complaints were received against the UFC for not providing sufficient benefits.

Famous fighters like Jake Paul and Francis Ngannou have spoken about this issue in painstaking depth. Paddy Pimblett recently delved into the topic; interestingly, he believes that there is nothing wrong with the way fighters are being paid in the UFC.

Pimblett believes all UFC fighters are getting exactly what they deserve to get. Pimblett is satisfied with the pay he receives from the UFC even though it is lesser than what he earns from outside the UFC. Paddy offers a piece of advice for all fighters who are unhappy with their pay in the UFC; he said that fighters should put more effort in and work on their personality in order to build themselves and elevate their careers.

Paddy Pimblett on fighter pay in the UFC

During a recent Q & A session with British GQ, Paddy Pimblett explained why fighters are not getting paid up to their expectations. "A lot of people probably do make more money outside the UFC," Pimblett said, as quoted by "I make more money outside the UFC because of my sponsors and stuff like that.

But in the UFC, you get paid what you're worth.You always see people giving (UFC CEO) Dana (White) grief and giving people grief and stuff like that. You get paid what you're worth. I got a nice payday for my last fight because I'm worth it.

All these crabs in the UFC who are getting $12/$12, you're obviously not worth it. Work a bit harder, show a bit of personality". In less than 24 hours, Paddy Pimblett will be facing the veteran Tony Ferguson; it is one of the biggest opportunities of his career, and the whole world is waiting to see who falls and who rises.

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