Sean Strickland lashes out at Colby Covington

Sean Strickland shares his thoughts on the comments Sean Strickland made about Colby Covington's dad.

by Aryan Lakhani
Sean Strickland lashes out at Colby Covington
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Colby Covington addressed a few bitter comments about Sean Strickland and within the span of a few days, Strickland retaliated. Covington verbally pointed out Strickland’s misogynistic comments, and in return, Strickland spoke about the comments Covington made about Leon Edwards dad in the recent press conference.

Sean Strickland seems to be disgusted by the comments made by Colby Covington. A match between them seems to be inevitable. At some point, they may square off to settle the verbal banters. Colby Covington looks forward to being a triple champion; he is ready to fight Sean Strickland in the middleweight division as he believes he is an easy fight.

This is a make or break fight [against Leon Edwards ] for Colby Covington. A loss from here will minimize his chances of getting a title shot again, as this is already his 4th attempt.

Sean Strickland on Colby Covington

During a recent press conference, Sean Strickland explained why he does not have respect for Colby Covington.

“Colby is an utter piece of *,” Strickland said, as quoted by “If you know Colby on a personal level, he * over everybody he knows. I take Colby as a personal insult to me because the Trumpsters, the Republicans, you guys are my people, the blue collar workers.

You guys are my people, and you guys have a guy like Colby come in here taking advantage. He don’t give a * about you. “Him making fun of Leon’s dad, that is the biggest * move you can do. Leon’s mom, dad – bad guy or good guy, it doesn’t matter.

She raised a boy to be a man, to win a title and be a good man. A real American would applaud him for that, he wouldn’t tear him down. Colby is fake. If he were standing here right now, the only thing he would do is call 911 because he’s the definition of a *”.

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