Paddy Pimblett wants Leon Edwards to send Colby Covington into the ‘shadow realm’

Paddy Pimblett shares his thoughts on Colby Covington's bitter comments about Leon Edwards' father.

by Aryan Lakhani
Paddy Pimblett wants Leon Edwards to send Colby Covington into the ‘shadow realm’
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Paddy Pimbeltt seemed to be offended by Colby Covington’s inappropriate statements about Leon Edwards father; Pimblett resisted the urge to take care of Covington himself. After witnessing the chaos live, Paddy Pimblett wants Leon Edwards to claim a comprehensive win and wants Colby Covington to be sent into the “shadow realm”.

Pimblett believes Edwards will knock out Covington in the 3rd round; in less than 48 hours, we will find out how accurate his predictions turn out to be. Covington is very confident of securing a win tomorrow; he can foresee a knockout, too.

A lot was said in the press conference, and it will be interesting to see if the fighters can walk their talk tomorrow night.

Paddy Pimblett on Colby Covington’s comments

During the weigh-in show, Paddy Pimblett shared his thoughts on the comments Colby Covington made about Leon Edwards’ father and explained how Edwards will beat him.

“That was way too far, I wanted to jump up and punch him in the back of the head,” Pimblett said, as quoted by “I wanted to hit him. That was way too far. You can’t say something about someone’s dad.

If someone said something about my nana of grandma, I’d jump up and punch them in the face”. Rightfully so, [Edwards needed to be held back],I hope he knocks [Covington] clean out. I hope he sends him to the shadow realm.

I think he’ll go out thinking of his dad and knock him clean out. I can’t see Colby Covington lasting five rounds with him. I know he’s got the cardio, he’s got the takedowns. If Usman couldn’t take [Edwards] down — and I know MMA math doesn’t work, but Colby couldn’t take Usman down, he’s not going to be able to take Edwards down. I can see Edwards beating him up for three rounds and then knocking him out”.

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