Junior Dos Santos suffered his fourth knockout loss in a row at UFC 256

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Junior Dos Santos suffered his fourth knockout loss in a row at UFC 256

Junior Dos Santos is currently going through a very difficult and ungrateful period. The 36-year-old former heavyweight champion suffered four knockout defeats in a row. The last one was inflicted on him by Ciryl Gane, who overcame him with punches in the second round of their UFC 256 fight.

In a great interview for MMA Fighting, Junior commented on the fight and the stage his career is currently at. He is further and further away from the top, and his performances do not give the impression that he could return there.

But he believes the problem is that he has not taken the situation in which he finds himself seriously enough. "I think I'm too apathetic and I didn't take responsibility for this negative moment in my career in the right way.

I don't attack or be as aggressive as I should be. I didn't do things according to plan. I should have fought more inside, but I didn't follow our plan." "Shorten the distance and try to grapple, but we fought at a distance because that was the movement, especially his.

I think it was my fault, especially because I expected what happened. I don't want to take anything away from him now, but I expected what I got from him." I knew he was hitting hard but I didn't feel anything.

Everything seemed normal to me, nothing different from the other heavyweights. Unfortunately, I paid for my own mistake. In fact, not so much a mistake as not following it a plan, ”Junior said, to then turn to what he can in no way accept.

End of the fight

Namely, he has a problem with the end of the fight. It all started with Gane hitting him directly, followed by a series of punches that ended the fight. During it, Junior turned his head and the blows didn’t go to his face so it seemed like some might have ended up where they shouldn’t have.

But the commission saw no problem, nor did the judge who stopped the fight, after which Ghana was the winner. After looking at the footage, Junior can’t come to terms with the outcome. "The very end of the fight I can't accept.

Not what happened, but because of the comments. It's not that I can't accept that I was knocked out or that I can't be knocked out. In fact, on the contrary, I've always humbly accepted my defeats." " If someone is better than me, I can't do anything about it.

Especially in this division where a man ends up after a real goal. But this is a situation where everyone thinks everything is fine. And here I mean the so-called MMA specialists who think I'm hit by a legal blow. it’s very frustrating, ”he explained.