Alexandre Pantoja explains why he always closes his eyes during a submission

Alexandre Pantoja looks forward to a clean fight against Brandon Rovyal.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alexandre Pantoja explains why he always closes his eyes during a submission
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Alexander Pantoja has been caught closing his eyes for a long period of time during his submission attempts. Pantoja recently took the time to enlighten people about the logic behind it. Pantoja said that it’s a natural response as he believes that ‘seeing’ can be more harmful than advantageous during fights.

Pantoja can foresee putting on a ‘clean’ performance against Brandon Rovyal; in less than 48 hours, we will find out how efficiently he can perform against Rovyal.

Alexandre Pantoja on closing his eyes during submissions

Recently on MMA Fighting’s Trocação Franca podcast, Brandon Rovyal explained why his eyes’ automatically closed during submission attempts.

“I don’t know if I have to train more armbars and triangle chokes or something else, but it’s more of me wanting to take the back all the time and seeing it as an easy position for me,” Pantoja said as quoted by

“The UFC posted a video not that long ago and I saw that I had my eyes closed in every submission. I usually do this move with my eyes closed because I already know where to go, and when I close my eyes my senses are more keen to do this move, you know? It’s natural.

I’ve done jiu-jitsu for such a long time, and when I’m on the back I really close my eyes to feel every single muscle [of my opponent] moving, and I already know where to go. Seeing things really does more harm that good.

I think it’s pretty natural, really”.

Pantoja on stand up fights

“But I also want to look out for more standup fights, you know? I’ve been training that a lot. I wasn’t able to show that [against Brandon Moreno] because I was so anxious for that moment.

I’m fighting smarter now, calmer. If I have to go for it, my heart will always be there, but I see myself putting on a clean fight [against Royval]”.