Sam Alvey talks about his UFC career and fighting Sean Strickland

Sam Alvey reflects on his losing streak and explains how he thinks he can win against Sean Strickland.

by Aryan Lakhani
Sam Alvey talks about his UFC career and fighting Sean Strickland
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The former UFC fighter Sam Alvey, at one point was on a daunting 8 match losing streak. He last fought in August 2022 against Michal oleksiejczuk and faced a tough loss. He broke out of the strangling losing streak after he left the UFC.

Alvey believes he can claim a win against Sean Strickland if they ever squared off in the ring. Alvey needs a few more comprehensive wins before he can pitch the idea of securing matches with top contenders from the UFC again.

Sam Alvey on his UFC career

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Sam Alvey reflected a little on his UFC career and spoke about fighting Sean Strickland. “I was about as successful a fighter as there has ever been,” Alvey said as quoted by

“I had 25 fights in the world’s largest organization. I never held the belt but I did make it into the top 10. I did better in my sport that most people do in whatever sport they’re a part of”.

Sam Alvey on his losing streak

“It never bothered me, At every point, it felt like I was going to break the curse, I was going to break the streak, I was going to go out on top.

It didn’t happen, but not for a moment did I feel I was not good enough to break that curse. To this day, I feel like I could face any man on the planet and beat them on any particular day.

Sam Alvey on fighting Sean Strickland

“Sean Strickland and I are buddies and I’ve beaten him before.

I feel like I could beat him again. Would it happen in the title fight? I don’t know. I wouldn’t bet on me because Sean’s pretty good, but I have beaten him in the past. I know I could be talked about when you talk about talented fighters.

So it never bothered me. I understand MMA fans are always looking for the best now and what have they done for me now, and those guys are easy to shut out”.

Sean Strickland