Neil Magny reacts to Ian Machado Garry’s withdrawal

Neil Magny shares his thoughts on the criticism Ian Machado Garry is receiving.

by Aryan Lakhani
Neil Magny reacts to Ian Machado Garry’s withdrawal
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Ian Machado Garry recently pulled out of his fight against Vicente Luque, which disappointed many fans worldwide. Machado Garry announced his withdrawal from the UFC 296 event because of Pneumonia. His last opponent, Neil Magny, decided to dive into the ongoing debate about Machado Garry’s withdrawal from the event and concerns related to his family’s safety.

Magny wishes nothing but the best for Ian Machado Garry and his family; he recognizes how difficult the phase is for Machado Garry. This was meant to be a crucial fight for both fighters. However, fans may have to wait for a few more months before they see Machado Garry back in the octagon.

Neil Magny on Ian Machado Garry

In a recent interview with MiddleEasy, Neil Magny shared his thoughts on the criticism Ian Machado Garry is receiving. “I’m fortunate now that like the majority of that stuff is behind me,” Magny said, as quoted by

“That didn’t affect me too drastically when it comes to my family life and that kind of thing. But, it’s unfortunate to see someone’s personal life be drug up the way his life has been drug up and all the stuff that he has to go through currently.

I wouldn’t wish that on anybody, especially when you consider the entire family dynamic and all the people are involved in there. Like yeah, him and his wife may have whatever going on, but at the end of the day, regardless of what’s going on, they share a child together.

That child deserves the right to grow up knowing he has two loving parents or whatever. Again, all this stuff drug out into the media, out in the open, that kind of thing — I don’t think anyone is deserving of that regardless what they may or may not have done to me. I’m not gonna sit back and necessarily take joy in seeing that play out with somebody”.