Bisping on Paddy's defense: 'I see better defense at Power Slap events'

The former UFC middleweight champion believes Ferguson can exploit some of Paddy Pimblett's weaknesses, but still favors his compatriot

by Sededin Dedovic
Bisping on Paddy's defense: 'I see better defense at Power Slap events'
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The fight between Paddy Pimblett and Tony Ferguson is not one of the biggest and best fights at the UFC 296 event, but it will certainly attract a lot of attention from viewers. El Cucuy will try to end his six-game losing streak, while Pimblett returns to the cage after a year out.

Paddy will be highly motivated as he looks to wash away the "bitter taste" left by his win over Jared Gordon in December last year. This match will be very important for both fighters. We often hear the saying that fighters are only as good as they were in their last match.

Many fans feel that Gordon was stolen against Pimblett and Paddy now needs a convincing performance to win back the fans' favor and the hype that followed him leading up to the match with Gordon. But now he has one of the best UFC fighters of all time against him, however, "El Cucuy" has looked disastrous in his last few outings and that is why the bookies are heavily favoring Pimblett.

If it was Ferguson in his prime, Pimblett would enter the match as a big outsider.

Bisping: Paddy has one handicap that could cost him

Michael Bisping, the retired fighter who won the WMMA award for the best MMA analyst last night claims that Pimblett has a bad defense "Tony has a style where he takes a lot of damage and fights wildly.

But that style doesn't go along with a long career. Tony Ferguson is at the end of his long, glittering, legendary career. He is almost 40 years old, more precisely, he is 39 years old. That's a lot for a lightweight fighter. They depend on speed, reflexes and instincts.

They are not so dependent on strength. Heavyweights rely on strength, and that's the last thing you lose. Speed, timing and reflexes are the first to leave you, and these are some of the reasons why Tony is in decline. Damage is also the reason for his slowness, as well as the quality of the opponents he fights.

Paddy is unranked and many feel Tony should retire if he loses. But what if he beats Paddy Pimblett. Paddy Pimblett is a great fighter, make no mistake. He's faster on his feet and probably the better boxer at the moment.' ', analyzed Bisping, and then looked at Paddy Pimblett's big handicap that could pave the way for Tony to win.

"Paddy's chin is very high. I've seen better defense at Power Slap events.' ', is Michael Bisping's conclusion.

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