Alexandre Pantoja reveals what it's like to be a champion

Alexandre Pantoja shares his thoughts on being the flyweight champion.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alexandre Pantoja reveals what it's like to be a champion
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Alexandre Pantoja's story to the top is nothing less than inspiring; from being an UBER Eats driver, he became the UFC flyweight champion of the world. Pantoja went from rags to riches, and the journey has just begun. This Saturday night, Pantoja will be defending his belt against Brandon Rovyal, a nerve-wracking fight because it's his first title defense; no one would want to lose their belt immediately after claiming it.

Pantoja and Rovyal are both confident of securing a win, but on Saturday night, one will fall, and one will rise.

Alexandre Pantoja on being the UFC flyweight champion

In a recent interview, Alexandre Pantoja explained how grateful he is for the milestones achieved so far.

"All the time when I go to sleep, I say, 'Thank you, God, for everything you give to me to live this life and be able to go to the octagon and make all my friends and parents happy,'" Pantoja said, as quoted by "That's a lot for me.

I live like a dream. I don't like to say a dream too much because I like to live – day-by-day. I work a lot to live that. I feel very glad to be this person who everyone goes to the fight to watch and make everybody happy.

I'm keeping my feet on the ground, My wife is very tough. After this fight, maybe I need to go make things with my family – maybe a vacation together. I think that's what people need to understand about my history. (I'm) a family guy, humble guy.

You're never going to see some * about me. I don't like trash-talking. If you pay to watch my fights, you don't pay to watch my life. I'm not a reality show. I'm a fighter. I make sure every time I go to the octagon, I'm going to make a big show. I'm going to make sure I'm valuing all the coins".