Tony Ferguson confident of breaking out of the 6-match losing streak

Tony Ferguson feels fresh ahead of his fight against Paddy Pimblett.

by Aryan Lakhani
Tony Ferguson confident of breaking out of the 6-match losing streak
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Tony Ferguson is in a do or die situation; the match against Paddy Pimblett is right around the corner, and he recognizes that it's a must win. Ferguson is confident of securing a win on Saturday night; he is serious about the match, as he should be.

A win could play a pivotal role for Ferguson; it may resurrect him from the strangling 6 match losing streak. On the flip side, Paddy Pimblett also needs a win as he has to enter the top 15 lightweight rankings. Pimblett is also strongly confident of securing a win – however, the outcome of this fight will break down to the hunger to win, and the hungrier one can be expected to rise victoriously on Saturday night.

Tony Ferguson on Paddy Pimblett

During the recent media day, Tony Ferguson shared his thoughts on fighting Paddy Pimblett and explained how fans will see a new version of him on Saturday night. "He's worried about me blocking him on Instagram, and I'm like, 'You're a little,'" Ferguson said, as

"If you're going to talk, man up and keep your balls between your legs. Don't drop them. I know he's all about the YouTube and all of those things, and he's got the wigs and the crowd and everything. I'm not here to have fun. I might've did that before taking some chances, giving these fighters like an alley-oop to where they're at right now.

But I'm not around anymore. If someone else were to say it I would be like, 'That's cool, man.' But no. You had your chance to be nice and do this. I'm glad to know that you had a change of heart and listened to everybody else.

I'm washed up. That means I'm cleaned up. Feel fresh. So this little going to get his hands full on Saturday".

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