Colby Covington not interested to fight Belal Muhammed next

Colby Covington explains why he's not interested to fight Belal Muhammed.

by Aryan Lakhani
Colby Covington not interested to fight Belal Muhammed next
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The next title challenger for the UFC welterweight belt is most likely going to be Belal Muhammed. The winner of Edwards vs Covington may have to defend their belt against Belal Muhammed; however, Covington does not seem to be interested as he verbally said ‘no’ to fight him next.

Covington is not interested because he thinks Belal Muhammed is a racist and does not say ‘yes’ to fights as frequently as he does himself.

Colby Covington on Belal Muhammed

During the recent media day, Colby Covington shared his thoughts on Belal Muhammed and explained why he won’t fight him next.

“No, who wants to fight a racist?” Covington said, as quoted by “I mean could you imagine if I said someone earned something off the color of their skin? That’s absolutely despicable.

It’s disgusting. That guy hasn’t deserved anything. It’s not my fault he’s not a star. You have to make yourself a star. I’m the one that did the things that needed to be done to become a superstar like I have.

What has he done? He hasn’t done anything.He’s out there race baiting saying ‘you earned this because of the color of your skin, it’s white privilege.’ Are you kidding me? Dude, he’s not getting no title shot.

There will be no title shot for him”.

Colby Covington on how he got a title shot

“There’s a reason why I’m in this position because I say yes, yes, yes to every single fight, I’ve never said no.

There’s no other guy in the history of this sport that said more yes’ to a fight than Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington .Colby’s a yes man. He loves this company. He’ll say yes to any fight. I just want to make the biggest and best fights for the fans and for the company and that’s what I’ll do when I’m champion”.

Colby Covington