Brandon Rovyal reveals who he will call out if he wins

Brandon Rovyal has already decided who he wants to fight if he becomes the flyweight champion of the world.

by Aryan Lakhani
Brandon Rovyal reveals who he will call out if he wins
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Brandon Rovyal has already prepared a list of opponents he would like to face if he becomes the new UFC flyweight champion of the world. Rovyal wants Pantoja directly next for the trilogy bout; if not, he would be happy to face the former UFC flyweight champion, Brandon Moreno.

Rovyal’s ambitiousness sounds great, but he has a tough test to pass; if he’s successful in getting vengeance, he will be able to fulfil almost any goal he has set himself. This Saturday night, all doubts will be cleared, and the world will find out if the flyweight division has a new king.

Brandon Rovyal on who would like to fight

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Brandon Rovyal explained why he wants to fight Alexandre Pantoja and Brandon Moreno. “That was going to be my first callout, [He is talking about Alexandre Pantoja]” Royval said, as quoted by

“Two out of three. I want to fight him immediately. I want to fight him at UFC 300. I want to fight him as quickly as possible and I want to end this right now. I want to end the discussion of who is the better fighter, because I know in my head that I’m way better and way more skilled than he is.

That being said, who knows how this fight plays out. Who knows how much time either one of us are going to need, because basically we’re both kind of wild fighters. I do live in the chaos and I do see this as both of us dragging each other to hell”.

I want to fight Moreno again, If he beats [Amir] Albazi, I want that Moreno rematch right away. I want to fight Moreno or Pantoja immediately after this fight. I think those are the proper callouts. I think those are what I want as a man to secure my legacy and secure what I already think that I’m a better fighter than both these guys".