Edwards Compares Covington to Stifler in "American Pie" Ahead of UFC 296 Showdown

Rocky believes that during every public appearance Colby actually acts and says lines that he has previously memorized

by Sededin Dedovic
Edwards Compares Covington to Stifler in "American Pie" Ahead of UFC 296 Showdown
© Alex Goodlett / Getty Images

With just three days until the highly anticipated light heavyweight title fight at UFC 296, the verbal sparring between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington has reached a new level. Covington, known for his brash and often incendiary personality, unleashed a barrage of insults at the reigning champion, prompting a sharp and determined response from "Rocky."

"Covington is like Stiffler from American Pie"

Edwards, speaking to MMA Fighting, dismissed Covington's verbal attacks as mere theatrics and predictable behavior.

He characterized Covington as a "typical American fighter": "The teasing is different where I grew up. Covington reminds me of the typical American fighter, he's like Stiffler from American Pie. He just talks bad. Even outside of this sport, he and I could never be friends.

We're two totally a different person," Edwards said in an interview with MMA Fighting, sending his opponent a harsh message: "That makes it easier for me to train, that makes it easier for me to go out and put a hole in his face." He sees Covington's "antics" as a source of motivation that pushes him to put on a dominant performance and prepare even better.

Edwards further disputed Covington's authenticity, suggesting that the 'Chaos' character was a carefully crafted act. He expressed his belief that Covington's public statements were merely learned sentences: "He comes in and plays his character because he might get fired from the UFC soon.

You just have to laugh at him, he's a classic weirdo, that's all. From word to word you can predict what he's going to say, you can even tell what he's going to wear . He's a funny character, a clown, you just have to enjoy it," concluded the British fighter of Jamaican origin.

Edwards' response serves as a move to mentally separate himself from Covington's psychological warfare, in which the American is admittedly dominant. With the verbal sparring at its peak, the stage is set for an explosive encounter at UFC 296.

The welterweight division is in for a spectacle, and the outcome of this fight will have a significant impact on the future of arguably the UFC's most exciting weight class.