Ilia Topuria thinks Volkanovski fight will be ‘one of the easiest fights’

Ilia Topuria shares his thoughts on fighting Alexander Volkanovski.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ilia Topuria thinks Volkanovski fight will be ‘one of the easiest fights’
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Ilia Topuria seems to be very confident of securing a win against the UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski. Islam Makhachev gave Volkanovski the bitter taste of defeat twice in the year 2023; mentally, it must have had a tough impact on Volkanovski, but it is worth remembering that a comeback is always greater than a setback.

Their fight is scheduled to take place on 17th February 2024. Volkanovski has not lost the winning momentum in the featherweight division, and it will be fascinating to see if he can successfully defend his belt one more time.

In almost two months' time, we will find out if Ilia Topuria can snatch everything away from Alexander Volkanovski and extend his losing streak.

Ilia Topuria on Alexander Volkanovski

Recently on ESPN Deportes, Ilia Topuria explained why he thinks he will easily win against Alexander Volkanovski.

“He doesn’t stand a chance. He has zero opportunity,” Topuria said, as quoted by “I don’t see any holes, but I can tell how he attacks. The only attack I see is that he is going to kick my legs.

That’s the only thing that he can do. He has good cardio, but everyone has good cardio when they’re not under pressure. When you’re walking forward, you’ll have good cardio. But when you’re in trouble, cardio tends to fade away, and this will be the case.

Topuria further said: He will have someone in front of him that never goes back. I think it’s going to be perfect, It’s going to be a masterpiece, to hit and don’t get hit. That’s what you will see in this combat.

You’ll see an authentic mixed martial artist.I don’t have any doubt that the finish will come, and it will be one of the easier fights of my career so far”.

Alexander Volkanovski