Conor McGregor saved the Irish Hall

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Conor McGregor saved the Irish Hall

"Tonight, for the last time, we are closing the doors of our hall. We are forced to do so," read the beginning of a message that appeared on the Instagram of the SBG branch in Portarlington, Ireland, a few days ago.

Philip Mulpeter, the owner of the Hall of Fame branch that created Conor McGregor, thanked all the coaches and the rest of the staff and admitted that the coronavirus pandemic had completely hit them. 'Lockdowns' in Ireland have done their thing, there is no money, and there is no landlord of patience ...

"After each 'lockdown' it was getting harder and harder to get people back. It just loses that routine and the numbers start to fall. We already had three 'lockdowns' and with each one, the debt was getting bigger and bigger.

Our landlord didn't want to wait and decided we close the hall, ”Philip complained to ESPN. And when a black scenario seemed inevitable, Conor McGregor suddenly appeared. The former UFC champion spotted a call for help on social media, called his friend and former training partner, and told him to give up closing the gym.

The famous Irishman promised, and then sent Mulpeter money that helped him in the most difficult moments. Although it was not revealed how high the donation was, Mulpeter said it was "a quiet year, maybe even two."

McGregor helped

McGregor made all the guys from SBG happy and showed how great a man he is even though he is often mentioned in the media as a “villain”. He showed a willingness to help and thus helped develop the UFC as a sport and many young people to get off the streets and focus on the sport.

"I almost cried. I didn't know what to say to him, but I know I will be forever grateful to him. He saved our small community. I can't describe to you in words what he did for us. I know some bad things are written about him, but people don't report on them like this, and he does them all the time.

He's not one to ask for gratitude or media attention for moves like this, "said Mulpeter, who especially appreciates McGregor finding time for this kind of help while preparing for a big rematch with Dustin Poirier (January 23).

McGregor will soon have a fight with Poirier, where he will have to show his readiness and skills for the umpteenth time. However, McGregor is a professional and he certainly trains hard, so we can expect an interesting fight