Khalil Rountree brutally knocked out Anthony Smith

Khalil Rountree happy with a win, wants to fight Alex Pereira as soon as he can.

by Aryan Lakhani
Khalil Rountree brutally knocked out Anthony Smith
© Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The light heavyweight clash between Khalil Rountree and Anthony Smith was absolutely explosive! Rountree showcased why he’s one of the best in the division. Anthony Smith deserves nothing but respect for accepting the fight on 10 days short notice against a dangerous opponent.

The match was filled with aggressive striking, and it was in the 3rd round where Anthony Smith seemed to have no energy left. Rountree took full advantage of this and secured one of the finest knockouts that has now successfully placed him in the top 10 rankings.

Watch the knockout below:

Khalil Rountree aims to fight the champion Alex Pereira; it will be interesting to see how fast he makes his climb to the top from here.

Khalil Rountree’s post-fight interview

During the post-fight press conference, Khalil Rountree spoke about what he wants next. “I don’t think you guys have any record of me ever calling anybody out, but in my mind, knowing that if I beat Anthony Smith, that would get me into the top 10,” Rountree said, as quoted by

“And I know that the way the rankings kind of work, I have to be in the top 10 to even be worthy of fighting for a title. Say they put me at No. 10 [in the rankings] and not No. 8, where Anthony was. So from 9 up, in my opinion, and I think in the fans’ opinion, the most exciting fight would be me vs.

Pereira. That’s just what I’ve seen from comments. After Alex’s win, I got flooded, people tagging me, and I think it makes sense. Two dynamic, powerful strikers. I don’t plan to shoot any takedowns. I don’t think I’ve ever shot for a takedown in my career.

I don’t think he’s necessarily going to shoot for any takedowns, because the guy’s a warrior. So then you have two explosive, dynamic [fighters] in my mind, it just makes sense”.

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