The Featherweight Throne Awaits: Topuria Seeks to Upset Volkanovski at UFC 298

"This is the easiest fight in my career," Topuria said confidently

by Sededin Dedovic
The Featherweight Throne Awaits: Topuria Seeks to Upset Volkanovski at UFC 298
© Stacy Revere / Getty Images

The undefeated Ilia Topuria is the new challenger for the champion Alexander Volkanovski, and the duo will meet at the UFC 298 event in the second month of the coming year. Volkanovski is coming off a tough first-round knockout loss at the hands of Islam Makhachev, but this time he's defending his featherweight belt.

Despite the loss, many consider him the favorite, predicting a victory against the young challenger. Topuria, however, remains uninterested in such predictions.

Young Topuria self-confident

In a recent interview with ESPN, Topuria expressed unwavering confidence in his abilities, highlighting what he believes are his advantages over the champion.

He claims to have analyzed Volkanovski's fighting style and identified his weaknesses, stating: "He has no chance against me, he will have absolutely no chance. I don't see any holes in him, but I know how he attacks, and the only attack he will try to land on me is his low kick.

That's the only thing he can do. "

"The easiest fight of my career"

Topuria further elaborated on his expectations for the fight, stressing that he will not give Volkanovski easy opportunities. He stated: "He's in very good condition, but everybody does that until they're under a lot of pressure.

When you're going forward, you're always going to have good cardio, but when you're in trouble, that cardio will leave you. That's going to be the case because he's going to have a fighter in front the self that never gives up.

This will be one of the easiest fights of my career so far." These bold statements by Topuria show his confidence, however, as he faces an experienced champion like Volkanovski, his words alone will not be enough, he will have to prove it in the Octagon. UFC 298 promises to be an interesting event, and this fight is certainly among the 3 most anticipated.