Leon Edwards reveals if he will fight Belal Muhammed next

Leon Edwards shares his thoughts on entertaining a fight with Belal Muhammed.

by Aryan Lakhani
Leon Edwards reveals if he will fight Belal Muhammed next
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Leon Edwards is not fighting Colby Covington by choice; earlier he refused to fight him because he believes Covington did not earn his way to the top. The next title challenger will most likely be Belal Muhammed; Edwards can’t look at him as a standout either; however, he recently said that he would be open to fighting him next.

Edwards classifies Belal Muhammed as an easy opponent; a successful title defense may lead to a match with Belal Muhammed. Leon Edwards looks forward to fighting consistently throughout the year; he holds the UFC responsible for his infrequency recorded this year.

Leon Edwards on facing Belal Muhammed

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Leon Edwards shared his thoughts on fighting Belal Muhammed next. “Is he the No. 1 contender? I don’t know,” Edwards said, as quoted by mmafighting.com.

“Would I fight him again? Absolutely. If he stands out. At the moment, there’s no one clearly stands out. There’s a little [bottle neck] thing going on. Like I said, I’m hoping to see someone stand out after this fight straight away and then we can get it booked and get moving.

I want to be an active champion. I was fit to fight in September-ish but the UFC had other plans. They already had [Israel Adesanya] booked for already for the pay-per-view and there was other cards booked up already. It was between either New York or this card.

Edwards further said: Jon Jones ended up on the New York card even though he pulled out and now here we are. No, 100 percent [I’d fight him], That’s easy work. That’s easy money. If he is the guy next, he’s the guy.

But does anyone want to see that? Probably not, but if he’s the guy, then I’ll happily silence him”.

Leon Edwards