One Last Shot at UFC Gold: Cormier Analyzes Colby Covington's Championship Hopes

Will Covington finally become a champion and put a crown on his career?

by Sededin Dedovic
One Last Shot at UFC Gold: Cormier Analyzes Colby Covington's Championship Hopes
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Colby Covington is on the verge of a potential career-defining moment. Next Saturday, he will face light heavyweight champion Leon Edwards in what could be his last chance to win a UFC title. Although Covington fought for the title on several occasions, he remained out of reach.

Despite lacking the physical advantages of many other welterweights, Covington consistently remained among the elite. This dedication and unwavering work ethic has earned him the respect of many, including UFC legend Daniel Cormier.

Cormier believes in Colby

On the JRE MMA Show, Cormier praised Covington's accomplishments, noting his ability to achieve greatness despite not possessing the most naturally gifted physique: "I believe, Joe, that in this beautiful sport of ours that we have the honor of commenting on, no one has done more with so little than Colby Covington.

He is not the biggest, he is not the fastest, and he is not the strongest. But he wins. With such predispositions, he won the NCAA All-American twice, was the interim UFC champion, fought for the belt twice, and now he is trying again,'' said Cormier on the JRE MMA Show.

''But nothing about Colby stands out. He is like meat and potatoes. Volume and condition. But all that comes only from hard work. He won't jump higher than someone else, he won't run faster. He succeeded with his predispositions. We haven't seen a lot of people achieve what Colby has achieved,'' he concluded.

While Covington may not possess the explosive athleticism or physical strength of other fighters, he stands out for his sheer determination and courage to take a hit. His relentless pressure and cardio have become his trademark, making him a formidable opponent in any welterweight division.

Covington's pivotal showdown with Edwards is just eight days away. Can he defeat the champion and finally win the UFC light heavyweight title, or will his championship aspirations remain unfulfilled? Colby Covington is ready to leave everything behind in the Octagon in pursuit of his ultimate goal.

Colby Covington