Anthony Pettis responds to Mike Perry’s call out: “You’re going to get cut”


Anthony Pettis responds to Mike Perry’s call out: “You’re going to get cut”
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Anthony Pettis is not one to shy away from opportunities; the former UFC fighter was recently called out by Mike Perry. The good news for fans is that Pettis does not rule out the possibility of a potential match with Mike Perry; however, he said that he will have to discuss it with his teammates before reaching to a conclusion.

Anthony Pettis revealed that his schedule next year is filled with exciting match ups; he will make a return to MMA on PFL and will also appear in a few boxing matches. Fans are entertained by BKFC events, and it will be fascinating to see if Anthony Pettis ends up fighting Mike Perry in the BKFC cage.

Anthony Pettis on fighting Mike Perry

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie Radio, Anthony Pettis shared his thoughts on Mike Perry’s call out. “That’s definitely different from something I’ve ever done before, that bareknuckle”.

Pettis said, as quoted by “That’s like real fighting. You’re going to get cut. I know Eddie had like two broken orbitals after that fight. I would have to talk to my wife about that one. I’ve done everything.

I’ve boxed. I’ve done mixed martial arts my whole life. Now I’m doing Karate Combat. I wouldn’t say no to it, but it’s definitely something I have to talk to my coaches about, talk to my team about and make sure it makes sense about everything.

Pettis further said: “(Next) year I will definitely have some big boxing fights,I have a pay-per-view fight with (PFL). I think that will be in April or May. I’m waiting for them to announce that. But my MMA fight will be one more with PFL.

But I’m allowed to do Karate Combat. I’m allowed to box. I’m able to make money everywhere”.