Colby Covington calls Leon Edwards the ‘biggest cheater’

Colby Covington shares his thoughts on Leon Edwards.

by Aryan Lakhani
Colby Covington calls Leon Edwards the ‘biggest cheater’
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Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington has started making chaotic comments about Leon Edwards as their fight is right around the corner, Saturday, we will find out if the welterweight division has a new champion. Covington entitled Edwards as a cheater because of certain incidents where he poked his opponent in the eye during the match.

Covington believes Edwards will replicate such a performance and ‘cheat’ next Saturday night. Leon Edwards is very confident of securing a win, and so is Colby Covington; apart from confidence, the hunger to win also plays a crucial role in dictating the outcome of a match, and it would be fair to say the hungrier one will win on 16th December.

This could be Colby Covington’s last title shot.

Colby Covington on Leon Edwards

In a recent interview with All Out Fighting, Colby Covington explained why he thinks Leon Edwards is a cheater. “As a person, ‘Leon Scott,’ a.k.a.

‘Low IQ Leon,’ what’s his grade level? What’s his level of education?” Covington said, as quoted by “I swear, that guy’s a mumbling, fumbling idiot. He’s literally always drooling on himself.

As a person, I just think that that guy’s a waste of chromosomes and a waste of space. Honestly, I’d love to know, can someone tell me — some journalist, this is all I want from this journalist out there, please dive into Leon Scott’s IQ.

Like, what is his level of education? Did he graduate middle school? Did he even get through elementary school? Because the guy’s dumber than a box of rocks.As a fighter, Leon Scott is the biggest cheater the sport’s ever known, I thought ‘Marty’ [Kamaru] Usman was a cheater.

Man, this guy makes ‘Marty’ look like a fricken saint. Leon is a cheater. He’s poking people in the eyes, kicking people in the nuts, grabbing the fence. I mean, the guy’s the biggest cheater the sport’s ever seen and that’s the only way I was able to prepare for him. Just prepare for all the cheating he’s gonna do”.

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