Sean Strickland uploaded a reaction video after seeing Ian Machado Garry

Sean Strickland shared his thoughts on seeing Ian Machado Garry.

by Aryan Lakhani
Sean Strickland uploaded a reaction video after seeing Ian Machado Garry
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The UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland recently squared off against the rising welterweight contender Ian Machado Garry at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas. It was a heated exchange, and apparently, Ian Machado Garry almost lost his cool, and it could have turned into a physical altercation.

Sean Strickland has made a few comments about Ian Machado Garry’s wife; perhaps this heated exchange could translate into a proper MMA match someday.

Sean Strickland will be making his first title defense against Dricus Du Plessis on 20th January 2024 and Machado Garry is set to clash against Vicente Luque on 16th December; a win will allow him to seamlessly climb the ladder to the top.

Sean Strickland on seeing Ian Machado Garry

In a recent Instagram post, Sean Strickland addressed the following after seeing Ian Machado Garry: “I went to the P.I. today and I ran into Ian Garry,” Strickland said, as quoted by

“Awkward, man, awkward. He looked at me hard, security had to escort us around, awkward, I’m laughing off. Anyway, Garry, I don’t hate you, dude, I actually like you. I think you’re a funny little dweeb.

You make me laugh. Strickland further said: “I think you’re a kid who got some that was too good for him and it got in his head. I look at you like a victim. I don’t want to fight you, bro. I’m happy for your success, I’m happy for you.

But if you look at me hard and you’re feeling some kind of way that you need to get this handled and you want to look at me hard and that’s what you want, slide up in the DMs, bro. I don’t want it, but if that’s what you want, you know where to find me, man”.

Sean Strickland