Anthony Smith explains why Jon Jones shouldn’t be stripped of the title

Anthony Smith shares his thoughts on Jon Jones.

by Aryan Lakhani
Anthony Smith explains why Jon Jones shouldn’t be stripped of the title
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Tom Aspinall’s bitter statement about Jon Jones has caused a huge debate amongst fighters and fans. Since Jon Jones pulled out of his fight against Stipe Miocic due to a genuine injury, Aspinall thought he should vacate his heavyweight belt.

Anthony Smith recently delved into the topic, and even though he is not a huge fan of Jon Jones, he explained how Aspinall’s comments were irrelevant.

Anthony Smith on Jon Jones

During the recent media day, Anthony Smith explained how it is irrelevant for people to say Jon Jones should get stripped of his title.

“You all know how I feel about Jon Jones,” Smith said, as quoted by “I hate when you guys ask me questions where I have to say nice things about him. Jon Jones can do whatever the he wants.

Really. He’s earned that. He’s not been known as a guy that pulls out of fights. For whatever anybody says about him, he’s never strayed from a challenge. He’s always taken on the next best guy. I think in terms of him and Stipe, I think both those guys should be able to do whatever they want.

Smith further said: I think that they’ve earned it. I think they deserve it.We’ve done this back and forth, we want all these super fights and now we have the opportunity for one and everyone’s calling for Jon to get stripped of his title.

Let’s not this one up. Let’s just let him heal up. I know it makes absolutely no sense for there to be an interim champion and Jon to defend against someone who’s not but we’re not like other sports, We can kind of change the rules sometimes and just give the fans and the people what they want”.

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