Song Yudong wants Petr Yan next

Song Yudong shares his thoughts on fighting Petr Yan.

by Aryan Lakhani
Song Yudong wants Petr Yan next
© Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

The 7th ranked UFC bantamweight contender Song Yudong is set to face Chris Gutierrez this Saturday night. Yudong looks forward to a successful future, just like most of the contenders from the division he aspires to fight for the prestigious UFC bantamweight belt, which is currently under the possession of Sean O’Malley.

Song Yudong interestingly has a desired opponent in mind; it is none other than Petr Yan. Yudong believes in order to achieve this goal, he will have to fight 2 more matches and secure comprehensive wins. Since the past two years, Petr Yan has been on a steady decline; he must win a few matches from here if securing a title fight matters to him as well.

Song Yudong reveals who he wants to fight next

In a recent interview with Fanatics View, Song Yudong shared his thoughts on fighting Petr Yan and explained why he wants to fight him. “Yes, after this fight, I still want to fight Petr,” Song said, as quoted by “I want to know whose boxing is better, in bantamweight.

I want to fight him. I think I just need two more (fights). Next fight, Petr, and one more, then I will get the title shot. He never encountered the kind of style I have, I’m faster, hit hard and I have great grappling skills, but I also have leg kicks.

It’s going to be an exciting fight”. The bantamweight division is filled with talented fighters; Sean O’Malley has a tough task ahead. It will be fascinating to see how well he can successfully defend his belt.

The competition is quite tough down the order; month by month, new contenders are rising to the top. Song Yudong has great potential; a few consistent wins will doubtlessly allow him to achieve the goals that he has set for himself.