UFC 296: Gilbert Burns Predicts Edwards to Retain Title over Covington

This will be a classic clash of styles, in which the one who is more successful in imposing his own pace and fighting style will win, and we always look forward to such matches

by Sededin Dedovic
UFC 296: Gilbert Burns Predicts Edwards to Retain Title over Covington
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As next week approaches, fight fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the UFC 296 fight card. The spotlight is on the highly anticipated main event: a light heavyweight title bout between current champion Leon Edwards and bitter rival Colby Covington.

With Colby returning to the Octagon after a year and nine months of inactivity, questions are being asked about whether he can dethrone Edwards and capture the coveted championship.

Burns favors Edwards because of Colby's inactivity

The firing sparked discussions about "ring rust," a phenomenon where fighters experience a drop in performance due to extended periods outside the cage.

Former title contender Gilbert Burns believes this could significantly affect Covington's chances against Edwards: "I think this is a good matchup for Leon, honestly, because Kamaru Usman has had a lot of success against Covington.

Of course, they're both wrestlers, that makes a difference, but Leon is very tall. He's got great arm reach, so it'll be easier for him to defend -downs and keep the fight on the feet," explains Burns. He goes on to point out Edwards' strengths: "He's a lot more dangerous than Kamaru, he's a lot fresher.

He's got quick hands as well as 'punches' I think he'll be able to defend takedowns and dominate Colby on the feet because he's very accurate and very quick. , he has strength in his hands as well. I think Leon will win. It won't be easy, but I still think he will handle it."

A clash of styles

This highly anticipated match is a classic clash of styles.

Edwards, known for his striking skill and powerful punches, will likely look to keep the fight on the feet. Covington, on the other hand, will look to use his wrestling skills and pressure to take the fight to the ground. Undoubtedly, UFC 296 promises to be an exciting spectacle.

With both fighters boasting different skills and unwavering determination, victory will depend on who can impose their fighting style and exploit their opponent's weaknesses.

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