Daniel Cormier speaks about Dustin Poirier's potential fight

Daniel Cormier talks about Dustin Poirier's possible matches from here.

by Aryan Lakhani
Daniel Cormier speaks about Dustin Poirier's potential fight
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Dustin Poirier faced a tough setback against Justin Gaethje in the rematch and will now have to win on a few occasions if fighting for the belt still matters to him. Poirier aims to fight in the UFC 300 event that is scheduled to take place in April 2024.

There are many options for Dustin Poirier; the one that makes the most sense is Arman Tsarukyan. Daniel Cormier believes Arman Tsarukyan vs Dustin Poirier will be a good fight for the lightweight division. Tsarukyan and Poirier are 2-3 wins away from getting a title fight.

Daniel Cormier on Dustin Poirier

Recently on DC & RC, Daniel Cormier shared his thoughts on Dustin Poirier's future matches. "I believe if Islam fights sometime in the first quarter of the year, you put Tsarukyan on UFC 300 against Dustin Poirier," Cormier said, as quoted by mmafighting.com.

"Because Dustin said he wants to fight at that point. You know that UFC 300 is somewhere around April. You put him on UFC 300 and then maybe, maybe he comes back at the end of the year for that third fight that Makhachev said he wants.

Now you got a guy that just beat one of the biggest names if he can get past Poirier. If he doesn't, Dustin Poirier has now laid claim to the title shot after Justin Gaethje. So, it really does bring some stability to this weight class.

As often as we see guys today say stuff like, 'I'll wait. I'll wait a year if I have to, I don't care. Arman Tsarukyan said, 'If it's not next fight, okay. I'll fight somebody else. If it's not after that, okay, I'll fight somebody else again.'

He doesn't care. He will fight over and over and over until he's undeniable and he has to get a championship opportunity".

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