Strickland Sparks Debate: Are MMA Fighters Braver Than Football Players?

The UFC middleweight champion actually tried to disparage NFL players

by Sededin Dedovic
Strickland Sparks Debate: Are MMA Fighters Braver Than Football Players?
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MMA and American football are two of the most popular and dangerous sports in the world. Both sports require exceptional physical fitness and skills, and both carry a significant risk of injury. Mixed martial arts is a combat sport that allows for the widest range of techniques, including striking, grappling and throwing.

American football is a team sport in which two teams face each other on a 100-yard field. The goal of the game is to pass the ball over the opponent's goal line or score a field goal.

Which sport is more dangerous?

It is difficult to give a definitive answer to this question.

Both sports carry a significant risk of injury. In MMA, the most common type of injury is head trauma. Head trauma can lead to concussions and, in some cases, permanent brain damage. MMA fighters can also experience hand, leg, wrist and spine injuries.

In American football, the most common type of injury is a player collision. Crashes can cause injuries to the head, neck, back and joints. American football players can also experience muscle and tendon injuries.

Strickland spoke out about a recent case in the NFL

UFC champion Sean Strickland recently caused controversy by claiming that MMA fighters are stronger than American football players.

Strickland made this statement after Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Trevor Lawrence was forced to leave the game with an ankle injury. Strickland argued that MMA fighters continue to fight even when injured, while American football players immediately leave games.

However, many of Strickland's followers disagreed with this assessment. American football player: "I sprained my ankle, I have to go to the hospital".
MMA fighter: I received a kick and broke my arm. Just 20 more minutes of fighting and then I can go to the hospital'

The point of this story is that you have to be an idiot if you want to be a fighter,'' concludes Sean Strickland. It should be noted that American football players compete week after week, while MMA fighters fight on average twice a year.

This means that American football players have less time to recover from injuries. Both carry a significant risk of injury, and it is impossible to definitively say which is more dangerous.