Gilbert Burns started training again, wants to return between March-April

Gilbert Burns sheds some light on his recovery and comeback date.

by Aryan Lakhani
Gilbert Burns started training again, wants to return between March-April
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Gilbert Burns took one step forward but two steps back as he faced a tough loss against Belal Muhammed, which was a decider fight for the next title challenger position. Burns is confident of beating Belal Muhammed in a rematch.

Interestingly, Gilbert Burns fully recovered without getting a Surgery and has also started his training sessions. Burns wants to show up in either March or April in 2024, and if it were up to him, he would love to face Colby Covington next.

Burns will know more about his next opponent after the end of the upcoming UFC 296 event.

Gilbert Burns on making a comeback

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Gilbert Burns gave an update on his recovery and shed some light on his next fight.

"I’m 100 percent and back to training,” Burns said, as quoted by “I’m in no pain and injury free. I didn’t get surgery. I almost did. My ligament was barely hanging on my shoulder.

My deltoid and my AC joint was very compromised, so I had to rest a lot. I couldn’t do anything for like three months, and then I started my (physical therapy), and then I put a couple of stem cells, and now I’m back to training.

We talked to Hunter (Campbell) and we didn’t get options yet, No names yet they’re throwing at me, and they’re saying let’s wait until UFC 296 and after that we’ll talk about opponent. But I kind of have a date.

I think I’m fighting March or April, UFC 299 or UFC 300. Both dates are good, but let’s see how UFC 296 plays out first, because one opponent I would really like to fight is Colby Covington. He is fighting for the title, so that’s not even a possibility. I have to wait for all that going on”.

Gilbert Burns