Cody Brundage wants to return in January after securing a slam knockout win

Cody Brundage shares his thoughts on the recent win.

by Aryan Lakhani
Cody Brundage wants to return in January after securing a slam knockout win
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Cory Brundage was absolutely entertaining against Zachary Reese in their middleweight bout. Brundage was successful in securing a 1st round knockout win; this victory will allow him to propel smoothly in the competitive middleweight division.

After the recent performance, Cory Brundage has updated his professional record to 10-5.

Before the match, Brundage thought of taking a break, but the spectacular win has convinced him to make an early return.

Cody Brundage on his recent performance and return date

During the recent interview, Cody Brundage reflected on his spectacular performance and spoke about his return.

“I caught a glimpse of it. It was pretty impressive,” Brundage said, as quoted by “It gave me a little inspiration, maybe. It feels awesome. I think I have one of the top comebacks, too, so this one definitely feels better than that.

He’s 6-0 (before the fight). I got in the UFC when I was 6-1, I just told him you’re going to have ups and downs. You’re fighting the best guys in the world. It takes a minute to find your stride and find your confidence, and I feel like I’m starting to find it.

I’m not really worried about the (next opponent), I think eventually that’s something you deal with. There’s little things you can do to prepare for people. But if I’m on my ‘A’ game, there’s not a dude that I’m going to fight right now that I can’t go in there and finish – and I know that.

Cordy Brundage on his return

“Really, it’s just nose to the grindstone. I’m a workhorse. I always show up. I didn’t take any damage this fight. … I told coach before this fight, ‘Man, I’m going to go smash this dude and then I’m going to take a little break.’ But now I won, so you’ll probably see me back in January”.