20 Wins, 18 Years, and Still Hungry: Miesha Tate's Back for More Than Just a Victory

Miesha is hoping for another shot at the belt before she retires, and we'll see if that comes true

by Sededin Dedovic
20 Wins, 18 Years, and Still Hungry: Miesha Tate's Back for More Than Just a Victory
© Michael Reaves / Getty Images

Miesha Tate, a name synonymous with prowess in women's MMA, returned to the UFC Octagon after nearly a year and a half break, proving that age is just a number. The 37-year-old veteran emerged victorious, knocking out Julia Avila in the third round, silencing critics of a potential retirement.

But what fueled this fiery comeback? After years of staying comfortably in the top 10, the drop in the rankings ignited a flame within Tate. "When I saw I was 12th," she admitted at the post-fight press conference, "I told myself I had a lot to prove." "I don't know how much I have left," Tate admitted, a hint of nostalgia in her voice.

"I've been doing this for 18 years, and tonight I got my 20th win." Every fight, she realizes, is a precious opportunity, a chance to show off her skills and leave a lasting legacy.

Tate wanted to show her skills

Gone are the days of autopilot.

Tate entered the fight against Avila with a specific goal: "For the first time in my career, I wanted to win and show as many skills as possible." This thoughtful approach, along with her signature tenacity, resulted in a dominant performance that reminded everyone why she was once a champion.

The hunger for another title shot burns in Tate's eyes. A convincing victory over a major contender could be the key to unlocking that door. Although the road ahead is uncertain, one thing is clear: Miesha Tate is not done yet.

She is back, motivated and ready to prove that age is just a number when it comes to passion and the will to win. She is very popular among MMA fans, so it would not be surprising if the UFC gave her a belt fight as the crowning glory of her career.

The next chapter in the Miesha Tate saga has yet to be written and promises to be an exciting one. Will she reclaim her throne? One thing is certain: the fire that burns in her is still not extinguished.