Alexandre Pantoja respects Leon Edwards more than Colby Covington

Alexandre Pantoja explains why he can relate more with Leon Edwards.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alexandre Pantoja respects Leon Edwards more than Colby Covington
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Colby Covington is going to make an attempt to become the new UFC welterweight champion in less than a few weeks. His fight against Leon Edwards is scheduled to take place on 16th December. A few fans and MMA experts believe Covington has not earned his spot as a title challenger, as they don’t understand how a win against Masvidal got him a direct title shot.

Interestingly, UFC flyweight champion Alexandre Pantoja supports Leon Edwards more than Colby Covington, as he can connect more with Edwards’ and the journey he has had.

Alexandre Pantoja on Colby Covington and Leon Edwards

Recently on MMA Fighting’s Trocação Franca podcast, Alexandre Pantoja explained why he is more in favor of Leon Edwards.

“Everybody wants to kill him there,” Pantoja said, as quoted by “I don’t care, brother. I walk my path. I know everything he says is pure marketing. I work with [ATT boxing coach] Gabriel de Oliveira and Gabriel is a person I respect a lot, and he says [Covington] has always respected him.

To me, you earn points if you treat well someone I like. I don’t care, I was born in Copacabana and we are disgusting towards everybody [laughs]. There’s an artist right next to you and you don’t care. I respect him a lot as an athlete, but in a way I’m more connected to Leon Edwards because of his life story and everything he’s done.

Leon Edwards is definitely someone I would go out of my way to shake hands and wish him a good fight, say I’m a big fan his work. [Covington] moved to a team where he thinks he’ll get all the attention, but I think MMA is not about that, [At ATT] you’re just another one training, but I think Colby couldn’t handle being just another one. He wanted all the attention but he wouldn’t get that here".

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