Brendan Allen explains why Israel Adesanya shouldn’t take a very long break


Brendan Allen explains why Israel Adesanya shouldn’t take a very long break
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The rising middleweight contender Brendan Allen believes a long break can play a disruptive role in Israel Adesanya’s career. Allen suggested that Adesanya shouldn’t be inactive for longer than necessary as it would be far more difficult to compete against tough competition once he’s back.

The former middleweight champion made the decision to discontinue fighting for a while after he faced a tough loss against Sean Strickland. Adesanya hinted at a comeback in 2027 – no one knows if he was being sarcastic or not.

Brendan Allen has almost made his way towards getting a title shot; all he needs is 2-3 more wins.

Brendan Allen on Israel Adesanya taking a long break

In a recent interview with ESPN, Brendan Allen explained why Israel Adesanya shouldn’t take a long break.

“Good for him, but it’s never easy to come back after a long layoff,” Allen said, as quoted by “Things just evolve so fast. The guys get better. The top changes with these guys that are evolving so fast and that are young and hungry.

He’s really going to have to come back a whole new guy, depending on how long he stays out. He’ll have to come back a whole new guy to even compete at the top. It’s just crazy how fast everything evolves and how good guys get in such short periods of time.

Allen on who he wants to fight next: I think next for me is Robert Whittaker or Jared Cannonier, I think those are the two names that make sense. I think winning over them, even finishing over them, gets me a title shot. That’s what we need.

We need new guys, new blood. All these guys up there have fought for the belt or fought each other. We need somebody new. I’m that new guy. I’m that young guy. I bring something different to the table with my style, my age, my resume – just everything is a lot different".

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