Aljamain Sterling reveals who he wants to fight for his featherweight debut

Aljamain Sterling shares his thoughts on who he wants to make his featherweight debut against.

by Aryan Lakhani
Aljamain Sterling reveals who he wants to fight for his featherweight debut
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The former UFC bantamweight champion Aljmain Sterling has decided to make a jump to the featherweight division; he is expected to make his debut soon. Sterling has one name in mind, and it is none other than Max Holloway! Health concerns and other factors pushed Aljamain Sterling into taking this decision as competing as a bantamweight contender had a huge difference from his natural weight; thus, to make weight-cutting less stressful, Sterling decided to make the jump.

Aljamain Sterling on fighting Max Holloway

In a recent interview with The Schmo, Aljamain Sterling shared his thoughts on fighting Max Holloway and explained why he wants to fight him. “I’m trying to see what’s the name out of the hat that we’re gonna go with,” Sterling said, as quoted by

“I have the name that I want. It’s just whether or not he wants it, which I’m sure he — it is what it is for Max. He’s gonna pick and do whatever he wants. We’ll see what the UFC wants to do.

If they want to go this direction, and I think the fans would like to see it. They think Max is gonna set a record on me so I’m just saying bring it. I think it’s a good stylistic fight, I don’t think he’s fought someone with the wrestling pedigree.

Sterling further said: I mean, he’s fought a guy [Brian Ortega] with good grappling, BJJ, but he couldn’t get the takedown and get the control that he needed to utilize that grappling. I think after having this long of a break, I just feel more refreshed, more refined, and I feel like the time off has given me more clarity and will get me back to the old me and not making rushed mistakes.

I don’t know. That [last] fight, it is what it is. It happened. We’re just ready for the next step”.

Aljamain Sterling