Charles Oliveira is looking for an opponent for the title

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Charles Oliveira is looking for an opponent for the title

With the status of a distinct outsider, Charles Oliveira entered the fight against Tony Ferguson, in which he eventually recorded a convincing victory by referee's decision, after being close several times to achieve the eighth victory in a row with a break.

It’s a win that brings him to the very top of the UFC’s challenger rankings. What follows now is hard to conclude, but the name of Justin Gaethje appeared at the press conference. However, he is not the one who interests Oliveira, he looks at the situation at the top of the category in a realistic way, that is, the one where Khabib Nurmagomedov will not return to the competition.

Then it would be necessary to organize a fight for a new champion, and Charles sees himself in it. "Khabib swore at his father's grave that he wouldn't come back, and when someone does that I think he'll stick to it.

Justin can fight whoever he wants, I'm interested in fighting the winner of the Conor and Poirier fight. I have eight wins in a row, "I'm finishing the fights and I deserve my chance, I'm in a position to fight for the title.

It's my dream and my team's dream," he said.

Fighting Conor or Dustin

Having already mentioned this, he was asked which of the two fighters, whose fight will take place on January 23, he would prefer to see against himself.

“Fighting Conor brings a lot of other things that fighting Dustin wouldn’t, like a bunch of money, but if your belt is your main desire, that’s not an important factor for you,” his explanation is.

From a fighter who was in an unenviable situation only a few years ago, who despite several situations with weight problems tried his best to stay in the lightweight category, he came to a fighter who went to the lightweight category and then made a great result there.

Today is at its peak. "All things come in their own time. Today I fought a guy who was everyone's nightmare and I did a great fight. I tell everyone I'm going to be a champion. People didn't believe it so it's up to me to prove it to them," he explained his UFC motivation as a multiple recorder, and perhaps a future challenger.

After that, there is only one station left to the title of champion, and hardly anyone doubts that he is able to achieve that.