Brandon Rovyal explained how Alexandre Pantoja ‘woke’ him up

Brandon Rovyal talks about the lessons learnt from the first fight against Alexandre Pantoja.

by Aryan Lakhani
Brandon Rovyal explained how Alexandre Pantoja ‘woke’ him up
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The UFC bantamweight contender Brandon Rovyal climbed his way to the top, after years of hard work and dedication, he has claimed an opportunity to fight for the prestigious flyweight belt. On 16th December, Alexandre Pantoja will make his first title defense and participate in a rematch against Brandon Rovyal.

In their first match, Pantoja secured an easy submission victory. One will fall, and one will rise. It will be fascinating to see how different of a fighter Rovyal turns out to be in the rematch; he is just one step away from becoming the new UFC flyweight champion of the world.

Brandon Rovyal on fighting Alexandre Pantoja

In a recent interview with Morning Kombat, Brandon Rovyal explained how the loss against Pantoja shaped him as a fighter. “I feel like Alexandre Pantoja woke me up to that,” Royval said, as quoted by “I need to change the way I’m going about things because I’m out here doing all these film studies for no reason.

I’m watching fights every damn day of my life. I’m watching boxing matches every day of my life but then going out there. I just needed to change my ways for sure. Rovyal further said: “To be completely honest about how I feel now, I’m strategically better, … I feel like I’m a complete fighter.

A lot of these dudes like Moreno, and I’m not trying to on anybody, but he’s primarily a boxer. He’ll throw kicks once in a while, but I think if it goes down to the basics, I think I beat these guys in boxing matches, taekwondo matches.

I’ll probably get out wrestled by every single one of them, but in a jiu-jitsu match I feel like I beat them. I feel like I’m more of a compleundefinedte martial artist”.