Tom Aspinall Calls Out Jake Paul and Other "Talkers"

It's no secret that Aspinall does not favor Jake Paul and people like him

by Sededin Dedovic
Tom Aspinall Calls Out Jake Paul and Other "Talkers"
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Tom Aspinall, the newly crowned interim UFC heavyweight champion, has expressed his frustration with fighters who "talk rubbish" and "pick opponents". The comments come in response to the rise of social media stars like Jake Paul, who have gained popularity and notoriety for their outspoken nature and carefully curated boxing matches.

Aspinall, who is known for his own fighting prowess and unwavering determination, targets these individuals who seem to prioritize self-promotion over fighting formidable opponents. He highlights his own experience as proof of the importance of accepting challenges and facing adversity.

In a recent appearance on the Believe You Me podcast, Aspinall candidly shared his perspective: "Now I can sit here and say openly that I'm not afraid of falling, I've put myself in situations like this many times. I did it now at UFC 295, the worst possible scenario that I could have been in.

I could have won it myself, and the whole that situation gave me a lot of confidence," Aspinall said.

It's hard not to be frustrated with Jake Paul

He further elaborated on the issue, drawing a sharp contrast between his approach and that of those he considers to be "talking nonsense": "There's, on the other hand, a lot of people who talk nonsense because they don't have a clue, and it's hard not to get frustrated with characters like Jake Paul.

They're guys who pick opponents and do things like that. Man, I've got eight fights in the UFC, and I didn't have a vote for any opponent," Aspinall explained. Aspinall's words resonate with many fans who appreciate his genuine passion for the sport and his willingness to fight anyone who wants to.

He has never avoided opponents, but he has to understand that people like Jake Paul and others like him are not professional fighters, but people who want to make a profit through it. A fighter who has been training all his life wants to reach the belt in order to put a crown on his career, and that cannot be paid for with money.

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