Gilbert Burns ready to fight again, wants Colby Covington next

Gilbert Burns shares his thoughts on his comeback fight.

by Aryan Lakhani
Gilbert Burns ready to fight again, wants Colby Covington next
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Gilbert Burns was inches away from securing a spot for the title fight, but since Belal Muhammed outplayed him when they fought, he will have to prove himself on a few more occasions before reaching the top tier. Burns went through a phase of rest and recovery after getting injured – the good news is that he’s completely fine now and is aiming for a comeback in March 2024.

The loss against Belal Muhammed still bothers Burns as he still looks forward to a rematch. Burns firmly believes he will win against Belal Muhammed if they ever fight again. If it were up to Gilbert Burns, he would prefer fighting Colby Covington next.

Burns can foresee Covington losing against Leon Edwards. The next welterweight title fight is just a few weeks away; this 16th, Leon Edwards will either defend his belt successfully or the welterweight division will have a new champion.

Gilbert Burns on his comeback fight

In a recent interview with TMZ, Gilbert Burns spoke about his next fight and explained how he’s ready to fight. “One hundred percent me healthy, I would destroy Belal Muhammad, and I would get that win back,” Burns said, as quoted by

“I don’t know if it’s going to happen right now, but it’s going to happen, and I’ll show everybody that I’m way better than him. I’m clear, no pain, shoulder is moving good, All range of motion is back, strength.

I’d say anything March or April. UFC 299 or UFC 300, I’ll be ready to go. I would love to fight Colby, I still got to wait for a lot of things to happen, but I think Leon Edwards is going to get the win. But who knows when he’s going to come back or when either one of these guys is going to come back? That would be my No. 1 pick”.

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